for you and your attendees

Multidirectional matchmaking

Pre-determined and defined key groups of interest: either selling, buying or current

Different levels of matchmaking

Visitor to Visitor matchmaking as a paid service

Automated matchmaking

Automated business matching based on defined, industry specific, categories and subcategories

Automated matchmaking

Your event categories and subcategories

Sponsorship options

Multilingual matchmaking

Match and meet algorithm can be created in multiple languages to match attendees without an interpreter

Multiple languages in the matchmaking algorithm

Match different languages

Perfect match

Perfect matching is achieved through connecting business partners who each have an offering that the other wants: buyers become sellers, and sellers become buyers in one mutually beneficial meeting

No manual search required

Mutually beneficial meetings assured

Meet the perfect match! – no timewasters

User friendly

No software download needed; we integrate your attendee’s pre-registration information into their Expo Matching profile for them

Webbased platform

Prepopulated accounts out of event registration

We support your attendees

Pre-approved users

Our backoffice support can pre-approve users to avoid spamming users with unwanted, unqualified meeting requests

Backoffice control

Pre-approved users

Avoid spamming

Event planner

Bespoke planner is available to every attendee, pre-populated with seminars or workshops taking place at your event relevant to their profile, and fully integrated with outlook or iCal

Customize agendas

Import to Outlook or iCal

Different meeting locations

Data protection

Data will not be handed over to third parties; daily back-ups, following your data protection guide-lines and trust, SSL-encryption, secure networking environment while maintaining complete user privacy

Strict data protection

Redundant server structure

Data deleted after the event

On web and mobile devices

Accessible, adaptable through any device with web capabilities. User account accessible anywhere you have internet connection and a web browser, responsive and adaptive on all web and mobile devices

Strict data protection

Responsive on all devices

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